Apache Future has served clients throughout the United States for over twenty years, from short-term expediency assignments to long-term service contracts.

Bus Fleet Retrofit

New York

As any manufacturer or transit agency knows, there will come a time when regulations demand that your fleet be updated with newer parts and equipment. We can help.

Apache Future was contracted to retrofit a fleet of heavy-duty transit buses in operation in New York. The project included various items of inspection, installation, and repair. Despite multiple logistical challenges, we remained steadfast in adhering to our client’s timetable for completion. In the end, all of their objectives were met or exceeded, and the project was finished ahead of schedule and under budget.

New Fleet Acceptance


Before a newly purchased fleet can be put into service, it must be inspected to ensure compliance with the customer’s specifications. Acceptance of delivery is an essential step in satisfying all contracted parties. And nobody has more experience than we do in conducting this phase of the process.

Apache Future has been helping this manufacturer’s buses gain acceptance with the regional transit authority for several years. In addition, we have been on-hand for warranty support, retrofits, and removal and replacement projects as they have become necessary.

Emergency Staffing Support



Sometimes events conspire and the unplanned for becomes reality. No matter what the circumstances, chances are we can help you develop a plan to get you through the unexpected.

When a transportation management company needed their regular preventative maintenance work to continue uninterrupted during a difficult period of contract negotiations, Apache Future was called in to keep their shops running until a solution could be found. As temporary replacements, our technicians were expected to fit seamlessly, without causing further disruption to an already unstable situation. They did just that, providing stability on the ground when it was needed.